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Forever Franky latest rescue

Forever Franky from Gayla Evans on Vimeo.

Our Featured Pet:
Sadee the Survivor

They say every picture tells a story, well that certainly is the case here.

What I saw is a dog that suffered for years at the hands of her owner, what I saw is a dog dying on her chain and has given up, what I saw is total neglect and disregard for this dog in every way. Sadee (new name) weighed in at 21.3 pounds.

This is a perfect example of a dog living on chain 24/7, Sadee wasn't a pet, she was a prisoner to live her life on a chain, with no food, water, care, love and most of all no choice. There is no doubt in my mind Sadee wouldn't have lived another day; she was dying plain and simple.

There are many Hero's regarding Sadee, the utility worker who got involved and reported the situation, Deputy/Dog Warden, Dave Speakman of Richland County Dog Shelter who immediately went out to find her in high weeds with no path to where she was being kept on her heavy chain and a wood box with a hole in it for shelter. Lori Miller of Richland County Shelter couldn't believe her eyes and was speechless when Speakman brought Sadee into the shelter. ÒI saw a dog that couldn't have been more dehydrated or emaciatedÓ said Miller, she was beyond living, her paws were folded under which is a sure sign she couldn't get up, so weak and frail she couldn't stand or even hold her head up, I held her head up and gave her a small amount of food, she wouldn't drink.

Lori immediately took Sadee to her vet, Dr. Laurie Hickox who gave her a blood transfusion and IV's immediately. Within 48 hours Sadee started eating and drinking on her own, Lori took her home for some TLC and a nice bath which she loved because she was so dirty. Keeping me informed of her condition, Lori knew Sadee was out of the woods so proceeded in making arrangements with ORR to get her.
I was in tears when I saw this dog, I thought of the years, months, weeks, days, hours and minutes she suffered and in my opinion just was totally forgot about. I can't imagine the pain of hunger and thirst day after day, let alone the elements she lived in, she is one of the worse cases of neglect I have seen in awhile.

We all have heard the expression, "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" need I say more!!!
After having her vet checked, Sadee doubled in weight within three weeks, she is now around 50 pounds with a great appetite and disposition. Now healthy she will need spayed and a dental as her teeth are a mess do to poor nutrition and whatever she chewed on to survive, many will need pulled also we think she is around 6 to 8 years old.

Sadee has a frog like bark and a lot to say, she will lean on you and is very affectionate. Sadee hangs out with my senior Rottie, Dora and loves her, she is now a happy camper, on fast-forward and her nub wiggles constantly.

We couldn't tell what kind of dog Sadee was because she was so emaciated but now I think she is just a small Rottie/Lab mix but it doesn't matter she still needed rescued.

No charges were filed on the previous owner as she was in her late 70's, not very cooperative as she wouldn't give us any information on Sadee, somewhat rude and hard to deal with. She wanted Sadee back but not in my lifetime, it wasn't going to happen, Evans said. In my opinion I think she just forgot about them or simply just didn't care. There were two dogs but the other one had to be euthanized.

I hope anyone who knows of older people who have dogs outside will make an effort to check on them and their dogs more often or they may end up like Sadee.

With the cold spell we recently had many dogs kept on chains outside 24/7 froze to death, how sad as this surely could have been prevented.

Pet owners that keep their dogs outside please pay attention to the weather especially the wind chill, proper shelter, a no-wind zone and straw are crucial, checking water and increasing food intake as well.

I don't understand why people get a dog and put it out on a chain 24/7 and call it their pet, it certainly isn't what the dog would choose. I hope this is a wake up call for some and if you get a dog make it a part of your family not a prisoner on a chain.

I am truly grateful for all those that took part in saving Sadee and especially my friend Fate that again was there at the right time and right place to make it happen. A special thank you to Lori Miller and her vet for going that extra mile.
This is what rescue is all about, a happy ending that makes us all smile, a dog that really needed rescued and was, a team effort to say the least.

Always report animal cruelty or neglect if something doesn't look right it probably isn't, never look the other way.

Sadee today, happy and healthy!


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